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Review Consumer Confidence Data

The report you are about to generate is designed to present the data you will need to assist with
creating a regulation-compliant Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). It does not, in and of itself,
satisfy the complete requirements of the Consumer Confidence Rule. You may wish to use EPA's CCR iWriter
tool to produce a regulation-compliant Consumer Confidence Report.  https://www.epa.gov/ccr/how-water-systems-comply-ccr-requirements


The 2023 CCR is required to be delivered to customers by July 1, 2023. This date cannot be extended regardless of when the Illinois EPA computer generated report is available. It is recommended that you proceed on your own in generating the CCR if you need a lot of lead time to meet the July 1st deadline.

Please note the following from the Sample Collector's Handbook (SCHB):

  1. If your supply purchases water, you are required to include detections from your source water supply. See SCHB, Chapter 2 CCR Page A-1
  2. If your supply had a violation during 2022, you are required to include an explanation. See SCHB, Chapter 2 CCR Page 10
  3. If you are going to use the CCR to satisfy Public Notice requirements for a violation, See SCHB, Chapter 2 CCR Page 19
  4. If you monitored for UCMR contaminants in 2022, See SCHB, Chapter 2 CCR Page 16
  5. If you receive an E. coli indicator-positive ground water source sample in 2022, See SCHB, Chapter 2 CCR Page 9
  6. If your system had to complete a Level 1 or Level 2 Assessment under the Revised Total Coliform Rule, there is mandatory language that must be added to the CCR

The SCHB can be viewed at: Sample Collectors Handbook